COVID-19 Restricted play conditions – from Sunday 2 August 2020 6pm.



  • MAX. 10 people allowed at the club at any one time. 
  • Casual play for members of the same household OR for max. 2 people from different households (that is: singles only or family).
  • You don’t need to wear mask while playing, but you are required to carry a mask in your pocket (to wear when accessing/exiting the court)
  • Coaching for members of the same household or 1-on-1 coaching
  • No access to Club House or toilets.
  • Use QR code on arrival at Club (

Viewbank Tennis Club will have courts available for social play as per booking system.

Allowed Social Playing Times: N/A

Rules of playReturn to Play Rules

  • Make a booking
  • ALL players to be listed on the booking
  • Any added players to players listed need to be emailed to prior to play
  • VBTC members Financial players only (strictly no guests)
  • Only 1 hour pre-bookings allowed per group (time extension allowed on the day after finishing play- additional booking required)
  • Start of play: on the hour or half hour;
  • Duration of play: 55 minutes; 5 minutes to transition out to prevent contact with next players.
  • Playing parent required for juniors under 15
  • For cancellations or to become a member: please email
Viewbank Tennis Club – Risk warning
You acknowledge that by using the tennis courts and playing tennis you will be exposed to certain risks, including the risk of physical injury. You may also be exposed to the possibility of contracting an illness, including without limitation the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus can spread very quickly and result in very serious medical complications in some people. You agree that the use of the tennis courts is entirely at your own risk. You have read and understood this risk warning and voluntarily accept and assume the inherent risks in use of the tennis courts and playing tennis.
Return to Tennis Guidelines: It is important that we all take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Guidelines have been developed to reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus while playing tennis. Before playing tennis, please review the guidelines which are available here: Tennis Victoria Return to Tennis Guidelines

For any questions regarding court use during COVID-19 restricted times, please contact Sylvia on 0411-272 760 or by email

Weekend & Public Holiday 9am-5pm bookings here: N/A

Weekday 9am-5.30pm bookings here: N/A

Note that Court Hire is currently NOT available