Our committee is here to help work towards providing a safe and friendly environment for members to play tennis.

2020/21 Committee Members

President: Adam Betts – president@viewbanktc.com.au
Vice President: Nicole Koek – vicepresident@viewbanktc.com.au
Treasurer: Neil George – treasurer@viewbanktc.com.au
Secretary: Sylvia Watson – secretary@viewbanktc.com.au
Memberships: Thomas Elmer – membership@viewbanktc.com.au
NENTG Night Tennis Competition Secretary Michael Hodder – nightcomp@viewbanktc.com.au
NEJTA / DVTA Juniors Competition Secretary Brayden Patterson – juniors@viewbanktc.com.au
Pennant Competition Secretary Chirag Bhargava – pennantcomp@viewbanktc.com.au
Twilight Representative: Darren Hodgson – twilight@viewbanktc.com.au
Club House & Maintenance: Greg Sando – maintenance@viewbanktc.com.au
Club Coach: David Underwood – Topline Tennis
Sponsorship: Adam Betts
Website Maintenance: Neil George, Nicole Koek
General Committee Annie Hand
General Committee Laura Waddingham (Open Courts/social events)

If you have any issues or suggestions you would like to bring to the committee’s attention please email us at info@viewbanktc.com.au