Our committee is here to help work towards providing a safe and friendly environment for members to play tennis.

2018/19 Committee Members

President: Adam Betts — president@viewbanktc.com.au
Vice President: Peter Nolan — vicepresident@viewbanktc.com.au
Treasurer: Neil George — treasurer@viewbanktc.com.au
Secretary: Nicole Koek — secretary@viewbanktc.com.au
Memberships: Annie Hand — membership@viewbanktc.com.au
Competition: NEJTA Juniors Secretary: Rob Malignaggi — juniors@viewbanktc.com.au

HDTA Mid Week Ladies Secretary: Chris Culliver

NENTG Night Tennis Secretary: Greg Sando

Club House Monitor: Jenny Brown
Night Tennis: Greg Sando – night competition
Club Coach: David Underwood — Topline Tennis
Twilight representative: Darren Hodgson – twilight
Fundraising/Social Events: Jenny Brown
Sponsorship: Adam Betts
Website Maintenance: David Underwood, Adam Betts, Nicole Koek
General Committee Sue Nolan
General Committee Vacant

If you have any issues or suggestions you would like to bring to the committee’s attention please email us at info@viewbanktc.com.au